Every year I like to take some time of introspection and reflect on my highs and lows. I always take a moment to ponder upon my life, set my intentions for the year to come, and assess whether I’d accomplished what I desired in the year behind me. This year is a very special one to close out, primarily because it represents a turning point into an entirely new decade of life. As I sit here writing this my heart is filled with nothing but optimism and hope for what is to come in this new exciting season. I am able to reflect on what brought me to this place, and how I’ve grown through the entire process.

I began this decade in 2010 on a page I never EVER imagined would lead me into a journey of healing that took far longer than I expected to get through. Sometimes in life we don’t realize how things we go through will affect us, until we recognize a pattern or find ourselves “stuck” in a particular area. A defining moment in my healing journey was when I experienced a deep heartbreak at the beginning of this decade. I never realized how that moment affected my years ahead and how I would choose to navigate through other relationships. The best part about all of this is that I can say that I am grateful for that “sting” I experienced and the others that subsequently followed. The life and relationship lessons I’d learned helped me to identify ways that I’d become completely stuck. I’d allowed myself to build up an emotional wall and guard that while I thought it was protecting me, it was really causing an unnecessary weight that I didn’t need. I carried that baggage with me FAR LONGER than I needed to, and I am deeply grateful to be ending this decade in 2019 in an entirely NEW and better place. A new marriage… a refined heart that had to go through many trials to press through to trust again…a renewed vision for my purpose and what God has brought me here to do… and a devoted husband who has shown me a new experience of love, and with whom I am still growing every day with in many ways. Working with others over these past years who have also become stuck in life and relationships has helped strengthen the need to build community, transparency, and sharing with others through this platform what this “work” that everyone so easily talks about really looks like (we’ve all heard the phrase “you gotta DO THE WORK!)

I am extremely passionate about embarking upon this new and exciting season, and seeing who else I might be able to encourage along the way. It is my hope that whomever might read this also be inspired to reflect on their journey this past decade…

1) What were your highlights and challenges…

2) What major lessons did you learn….

3) What milestones or life-changing things occurred in your life?”

4) Did you set a word or intention for this past year?

5) Did it apply to how your life transpired?

I’ve definitely created my intentions for 2020, and could not be more excited to press forward into a new decade of dreams, purpose, and expansion. I am very determined to begin a paradigm shift that would really allow me to continue manifesting the life I desire. I aim to create space in my life, and practice temperance & peace in my daily walk. I am aligning with God’s Perfect Will for me and ready to clearly hear His instructions. I am excited to be even more present with those I encounter, to be of service and to help others along their journeys. I am excited to further pursue my dreams and passions like never before. I look forward to continuing to learn the process of becoming one with my husband, and deepening my familial relationships. I am thrilled to continue the practice of letting things go that do not serve me. This is the core of my intentions for the new decade ahead. I am READY!

For so long I didn’t realize that there were barriers that existed (some of which I couldn’t even see) that hindered me from my own success in different areas of my life. Lack of trust, fear of beginning something new, negative self-talk that I didn’t have what I needed, over-thinking, over-analyzing, allowing the fear of the unknown to keep me stagnant, guarding myself “just in case“something happened…all of these are negative themes that existed in my life that I no longer will carry or give any energy to moving forward. My hope is to help others be set free as well of any weights holding them back. My vision in 2020 is to chart the course for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT (taking a proactive stance in breaking free of any barriers that may exist in your life)…who wants to join me?! Let’s get it….