There are so many times in our lives that we want to make it “big,” desire to be a successful entrepreneur, or even to be rich and wealthy. I sometimes even seem to hear the ever so common…”I want to win the lottery.” I went to the movies once and heard a joke about a little man in India that went to the ancient shrine to pray everyday and he said (not in these exact words so pardon me)…”God please help me win the lottery”…and the response that the man got was “In order to win the lottery, you must first buy a ticket!” This blog represents my lottery ticket, and hopefully through my consistency in writing here, it will lead to me completing my first book. I didn’t realize for so many years that I was like the little man in the story. Praying my heart out, journaling, talking for hours and hours to friends about my dreams…but making consistent excuses or distracting myself with a million other things or people and “their things,” which ultimately took up creative brain space and energy from me that I needed to move forward.

My hope is that while reading this post it will be the finger that pulls the trigger on each of you finding that THING IN YOUR LIFE that you so desperately want and desire…that you have declared to your friends and family is your dream…that you envision yourself doing whether paid or for free…yet due to fear or procrastination (or both) you have not taken ONE active step toward materializing it. I’m sure many of you will read this and say “Oh she isn’t talking to me, because I DID take one step…” and kudos to you, because I did the same at some point. The only difference is all of my sporadic steps were planted in quicksand.

You got the vision and inspiration…started sketching the blueprint…and then your pencil got dull and you couldn’t write anymore. Let this post be your automatic pencil sharpener, to sharpen your focus on those things that need to be activated in your life. Not only to illuminate to you what they are but to begin the journey of taking faith-filled steps toward seeing your dreams come to life in THIS SEASON. I am speaking this statement in faith because I am living it as I type this. I plan on documenting me following my own advice each week in “RHEAL time” 🙂 on as well as my Rhealism YouTube channel…and once you glance across this sentence I pray that you would be swept into the powerful winds of God manifesting our dreams by what we believe, write, and act upon. LET’S GO!!!