Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday next to my birthday. I tend to be a deeply reflective person, and always like to “self-check” to see what areas of life I am most grateful for, and how I can express more gratitude toward others. I wanted to take the time to discuss things that I am grateful for in 2019, and begin the dialogue with you about what you may be grateful for. I also did a YouTube video on this topic, so please visit my “Rhealism” YouTube channel or “video” section of this website to see more :)….

Power of the tongue…What we declare we become. I declared that the year of 2019 would be my MANIFESTING year, and only by God’s grace can I say that He has shown me this is actually true. After reading the book “Manifesting Made Easy,” and my listening to several Bob Proctor audios (thank you my dear friend in manifestation Lauren), I made it a point to be conscious and intentional about what I spoke and declared over my life, over my marriage, over my dreams, and over ME as a woman. As I type this I most certainly can say that power has been activated in my life overall, and I look forward to channeling much more positivity and higher vibration in my life overall.

Similarly, I am grateful to be shown the negative side of the power of the tongue, and have become enlightened on how I desire to change. I have seen the negativity and ugliness that can reside in me and the fire that can be carried with that same positive, uplifting tongue…and I do not want to channel that power any more. It disrupts my peace, can hurt those that I love, and leave me in some of the same “stuck” places that I have declared wanting to get myself out of! Simply because of what words and accompanying energy that come out of my mouth and being (more to discuss on our energy and “vibrational” space later)

Owning my path…In 2019 I have FINALLY begun to OWN MY PATH!!! (**insert hype gif here**). In all my years it has been a struggle for me to really embrace and take ownership of me having a non-traditional path. I have never really known how to clearly define what I wanted to do in life, much less narrow my answer down to simply one thing. Never ever. I developed a bit of an insecurity due to others saying things like “Rhea, you don’t want to be the Jack of all trades and master of NONE!” I have always had multiple gifts and interests in life and could never hone in on one thing. I have an equally linear and analytical left brain, as I do a creative and emotional right brain. I’ve held just about as many jobs as my age…and now at 40 and closing out this decade I can say how EXCITED and GRATEFUL I am to embrace the uniquely powerful path that I get to co-design with God just for me.

Friendship that buildsA person can speak to me for 5 minutes and gather how important and valuable friendship is to my life. Though I give credence to there being several levels and variations of friendship, I highlight a specific kind of friendship this year that I am deeply grateful for….and that is friendship that builds. None of us are called to remain the exact same. What a blessing it has been to have friends that have literally helped me to become more mature, more refined, more forgiving, more trusting, more confident, more Spiritual, and more humbled as I navigate through my journey. Building isn’t always easy, as it takes patience, openness, accountability, humility…it takes being receptive, listening, being open, trusting. I find myself a much better Rhea (and still inspired to grow much more), and aim to provide those same for those whom I consider true friends.

My relationship with God…To each his own let everyone define their own relationship with God. No matter what religion a person ascribes to, everyone has an operating system or governing “force” to which they live their lives. Though my relationship did not just begin, I feel that 2019 has re-activated my passion and desire for deep closeness and intimacy with God. There have been certain things in my Christian walk that are just not okay with me anymore. I pray often and want to HEAR God for myself when I need assurance. I prayed for wisdom and discernment on a consistent basis, therefore I do not want to second-guess myself when He speaks. There have been countless moments where I desperately needed some reassurance that God heard me, and He gave me just that. I am growing every day in His love for me, and trying to model that love toward all others. I am excited and eager to get to know Him even more this new season, and to receive from Him exactly what His priority is for me…who I need to be, what I need to do. My answer is YES!

Lessons learned in my marriageI want to preface this by saying I have only been married a short time, but I still can be grateful for lessons learned thus far! :). I plan to share in more detail future blog posts regarding my lessons learned in marriage, but generally I will say that the training ground of humility, fortitude, commitment, learning opportunities, and forgiveness moments are incomparable to any other relationship. Two hearts, two families, two operating systems, two mindsets, two pasts, two energies/vibrations, two “ways of being/thinking”… I learned that as proud that I was as a single woman in who I am, and even still at times when I see me operating in my independence….I am able to recognize that I am willing to adjust and shift to what “Rhea the wife” needs to look like…as defined by GOD.

I am looking forward to sharing more about what I am grateful for, and certainly want to hear from you too! Let’s share our gratitude for all that this last year and decade has taught us…