There is no describable feeling like having great friends. As I share this first blog post with you all, it excites me to say that this is a result of having AMAZING friends in my circle that have encouraged me, supported me, sparked life into my dreams (even when my light had gotten dim), SPOKEN life into ME and my journey…and for all those things, I just have to say THANK YOU!!!

We all have desires, dreams, hopes, and passions. Find the time to encourage those who you love to pursue those passions, check up on them when you know they have a deadline to meet or goal to accomplish, if you see they may be a little stagnant…challenge them to formulate just one goal. Help them actualize their goals when you constantly hear them talk about writing all the time (like I was!). God never intended for us to walk this life alone, and at the end of the day, we all can use a little push from time to time. I am so deeply grateful that those who pushed me.

Even better…collaborate with others to strengthen and sharpen each other as you BOTH pursue your dreams and passions. We all have something special and unique within us, and this isn’t a competition…there’s room for us ALL TO WIN!! So if you have any entrepreneurial minds in your network, or know a friend who’s aiming to start their business or move forward with an idea, think about what you can do to help someone else today. The reward is so great, and what you put out in the world returns to you one hundred fold. To my earth angel friends who inspired this post…FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I SAY THANK YOU….I will continue to share the seeds you’ve nourished within me while FAITH-WALKING walk in my gifts.