I am trying to wrap my mind around how to move on with regular scheduled programming amidst a world that is “shutting down.” I don’t feel afraid, however its interesting to see the changing dynamics from moment-to-moment surrounding this virus. My hope is that during this time families would be able to grow closer, needed rest would allow folks to mentally, physically, and psychologically heal…and that those of us with things on our “to-do list” can be more productive than ever with our unexpected time.

My prayer for all of us is that we would not succumb to the spirit of fear. My hope is that we will all use wisdom, and practice what has been recommended to ensure we all remain the healthiest beings possible. I know God works in mysterious ways…and that nothing that we face in this lifetime is foreign to Him. With that, I believe whole-heartedly that we will be okay. I just posted a video that I affectionately entitled “March Madness,” (especially since there won’t be any REAL March Madness – sorry basketball fans -) and plan to continue with this series talking about things that make me mad…first stop….life and people! LOL

I recently posted an IG image that was written by #Lukasnotes (Phenomenal. Thank you Lukas!) and it talked about March symbolizing #Renewal #NewBeginnings #Prosperity #Abundance and #Awakening. I believed that to be true the moment I read it…and despite what the world looks like, I still believe that even at this moment. We receive what we believe in this life, and why not utilize this time to really connect with God, ourselves, and those we love to build a richer, stronger foundation to sustain us in these months ahead toward the BEST 2020 possible? Who’s down?!