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14 nowadays (A) accept the one who happens to be (B) faint [a] in religion, but not [b] to get quarrels over belief. 2 (C) anyone keeps values he may eat-all situations, though the one that are (D) vulnerable consumes best veggies. 3 the person who consumes isn’t to (elizabeth) aspect with contempt the person who doesn’t take in, and also the individual who will not consume is not at all to (F) assess the one who consumes, for goodness keeps (grams) established him. 4 (H) who’re that determine the [c] servant of some other? To his or her own [d] professional the guy stands or stumbling; so he will sit, for Lord could prepare him or her sit.

5 (we) A single person [e] principles one-day over the other, another [f] prices every single day only one. Each individual need to be (J) totally persuaded in the very own brain. 6 The one who sees a single day, observes it when it comes to Lord, as well as the a person that consumes, [g] really does very with regard to the Lord, for they (K) offers thanks to Lord; as well individual who will not devour, it’s when it comes to Lord he doesn’t devour, and that he gets due to Lord. 7 For not just one of people (fifty) lives for themselves, instead one dies for on his own; 8 for whenever we lively, all of us reside for all the Lord, or if you pass away, you expire for Lord; consequently (meters) whether all of us real time or expire, we are now the Lord’s. 9 For to this end (N) Christ expired and existed again, that He may be (O) Lord both of the lifeless and also the living.

10 But regarding one, why do a person judge their sibling or sibling? Or perhaps you also, so why do a person (P) regard your sibling or cousin with contempt? For (Q) we shall all seem until the judgment-seat of God. 11 For it was authored:

“ (roentgen) As I living, says the Lord , (S) in my opinion every knee will bow , each and every tongue will [h] bring praise to Jesus .”

12 and so (T) every one of us offers a merchant account of themselves to Lord.

13 as a result let’s not just (U) determine one another nowadays, but [i] establish this: (V) to not you need to put an obstacle or an obstacle in a brother’s or sister’s method. 14 I know and are confident [j] from inside the Lord Jesus that (W) nothing is [k] dirty in itself; but within the one that (X) feels things is definitely [l] unclean, compared to that individual its [m] unclean. 15 For if because of meals their dad or sister is actually injure, you’re will no longer (Y) strolling in line with love. (Z) never kill in your selection of meals see your face for whom Christ passed away. 16 as a result (AA) don’t let what exactly is for every person a good thing be [n] talked of as wicked; 17 your kingdom of Jesus (AB) just isn’t ingesting and sipping, but righteousness and (AC) tranquility and (AD) delight in Holy character. 18 For Your individual who (AE) assists Christ in this way are (AF) acceptable to Jesus and approved by some others. 19 So then we all (AG) realize the things [o] which make for serenity and the (AH) increasing of just one another. 20 (AI) Try not to tear on the perform of goodness in the interest of meals. (AJ) everything undoubtedly happen to be thoroughly clean, but (AK) they might be wicked the individual that takes [p] and causes offence. 21 (AL) it is always good to not ever devour beef and even to drink in alcohol, in order to do just about anything by which their buddy or sister stumbles. 22 The confidence that you’ve, posses [q] since your personal judgment of conviction before Jesus. Exciting might be a person that (AM) does not condemn themselves as to what he or she accepts. 23 But (AN) the individual that worries is actually bound if the man eats, because their diet is absolutely not from religion; and whatever is not at all from belief try sin.