I have always considered myself to be a decisive person. I have rarely struggled with making choices in my everyday life, and in fact have been grateful to often be the “sounding board” to many others who (over the years) have needed help making decisions in their lives. For whatever reason, I was always able to weigh a situation out, pull the logic (or lack thereof), and immediately know what instinctively was the best move for myself.

As I became older and especially when I began developing in my Spiritual walk with God, I learned about things such as “wisdom” and “discernment”…and how I needed to pray for both of these things on a daily basis. I learned that when we do those things, that decisions we had to make (whether big or small) would come easier to us, because just like that…God would give us the wisdom and discernment to know exactly what to do. There is a Scripture that is one I often use when I pray that says “If you stray to the right or the left, you will hear a word that comes from behind you: “This is the way; walk in it”(Isaiah 30:21 CEB)…and I often stand on that Word to ask God to make it that plain and simple for me. “HI RHEA, THIS IS GOD, AND YOU SHOULD GO THIS WAY…” All these years, this is what I’ve desperately sought after in my Christian walk. I have also learned on many occasions that all you need to do is “open your Bible, and the answers are ALL right there!” While that may be true, I never fully developed the peace, knowledge, nor confidence of that message. It is still a work in progress (to be transparent), however what I know for sure is that indecision does not serve me well, and there has never been a choice that I’ve made at some point in my life that God did not later give me peace, insight, or revelation on.

This post is written to encourage any of you that might struggle with making decisions. This is for those that may not trust their own instinct, or feel as if they must go outside of themselves to seek counsel from someone else to know what is best for their lives. I totally agree with wise counsel, so let me dispel that right there…however we were ALL given the ability to choose in life. From moment to moment the choices we make are what shape our experiences, and ultimately our lives. If you find yourself feeling stagnant or stuck, are there any choices that you’ve procrastinated making? Do you over-saturate yourself with others’ opinions to the point where yours has gotten drowned out? Are you not even sure where you stand on something because you’re so conditioned to asking everyone else first?

One thing that helped me grow in this area and brought me a sense of peace was some advice I once received, which was to stop giving power to what I don’t know and just move from the point of what I do know (listing out what my “truths” are)…no matter how big or small. It may feel a bit mechanical at first, but it is still helping me weigh my options in a much clearer and quicker way. Yes, I still pray about everything…yes, I still read my Bible…yes, I still seek wise counsel…BUT I no longer will allow myself to feel plagued by not knowing what to do in a given situation. As your TRUST in God increases and your ability to internalize that whether you “turn to the right or left” you will be just fine….so will the confidence build within you that whatever will happen, will ultimately work for your good.