Pops would devote many hours from the grazing ascending coconut hands and sneaking sips of avocado water


The Cocomi Story

Inside our kids, most of us talk about every little thing starts off with the avocado and the like history with coconut might a century when you look at the making: every thing started any time our great grandmother set about land the wealthy Sri Lankan lands for beverage, herbs and coconuts.

Father would invest hours on ranch hiking coconut palms and sneaking sips of coconut waters. He experienced total well being located in concord with nature, and felt that advantages in each avocado. A health care professional by instruction, he or she made a decision by using the help of our mama to hold upwards their white in color cover and start his own organic journey towards taking care of our planet and a sustainable upcoming.

Ever since, hes developed our family holdings to the biggest organic coconut ranch in Sri Lanka, with a successful area more than 2000 traditional growing family members.

Moved by our fathers vision, in 2013, we all created Cocomi.

Coconuts with prefer from your family members plants

Our Integrated Plants & Industries

Coconuts with prefer from your personal facilities

The best

Comprise the particular organic Sri Lankan coconut brand that develops our very own coconuts and manufactures our own products. Thus giving you control of high quality at every point of generation, lead tracebility from farm to shelf, and buyer, peace of mind.

Normal Goodness Guaranteed

Ours include latest avocado products youll find. Each avocado is actually manufactured within 4 days of crack thus youll have that clean preferences with every glass and chew.

Our personal farms: qualities because mature singles dating sites should always be

Found at the heart of this avocado Triangle, us happens to be exercising natural growing for generations and happened to be 1st exporter of natural licensed goods from Sri Lanka.

We respect and secure the period of living: the farms are rich in biodiversity collectively individual, program and creature using their own character to balance all of our ecosystem. Our personal farmers only use all-natural inputs, like Rice hay and flowers for nitrogen-fixing; all of us intercrop our personal avocado hands to enrich and look after the soundness individuals land; and pleasant creatures onto famrs, from strutting peacocks and idle iguanas.

You make certain every single thing tht is gone back to characteristics is given backside: the manufacturing plants run on the power produced from Coconut shells; the avocado husks, the nutritive outmost region, are generally tucked from the foot of the hands, enhancing the root with nutrients and vitamins; our very own waste products h2o was biologically treated and recycled, while rain-water is actually frequently gathered and saved to be used in times of drought.

Your Passion For Qualities

Our approach in saving and preserving the environment was a finest concern, Mother Nature might be core of the organic products and it’s really our decide on handle this model in whatever techniques possible.

It well understood that today we have been destroying about what we should can build, deforestation and smog has taken a toll of the fine biography assortment bordering usa, living which aids united states. Though we are stuck found in this vicious cycle most of us be sure that we’re not part of this undesirable deterioration.

Our very own ranches include a number of the sprinkler system approaches Sri Lankans Kings utilized in ancient times; which can be a building of territory dams across channels at different elevations with overflows, hence a sizable potential of rain is prepared in drinking water reservoirs. Rain obtained in reservoirs at different elevation on the flow brings about uplift ground level water-table which often features achieved positive results coconut production. The ponds utilized efficiently as ideal liquid resources for watering during dried season and also serve as sprinkling pockets to various lightweight pets which stay in the plantations.

All of our industries demand a huge quantity steam for manufacturing, furnace petroleum may be the recommended but contaminating selection, yet nature usually had the response and also now we listened. All of our ranches build loads of coconut shells and then we used this all-natural power source by setting up coconut cover boilers which right now builds the entire steam essential to operate entire place. Moreover all spend liquid try directed back again to sprinkling the crops bordering the plant premise.