WOW. WHAT. A. WEEK!!! I am not even sure where to begin, but because I wanted to honor my Word to myself, I knew I needed to get this post out.


This week’s focus is on REAL LOVE…and what I speak about below is the real love that I have been operating in for many years.

With everything that we do in life, it should have purpose. My goal/purpose in all that I do with my brand/business is : CLARITY. SELF-AWARENESS. ENLIGHTENMENT. FREEDOM #FreedomMovement. I believe that “Freedom begets freedom,” so that means that as I walk in my truth, own it, and share it…I believe it will empower others to do the same.

I recently posted a video on this topic (feel free to click on the “videos” tab above). I feel inspired and motivated by the necessary epiphanies and personal revelations that need to take place in order for us to have the LIVES and LOVES that we desire. I am interested in learning more about the state of our hearts and the environments that we are providing for love to grow in. The love that many just “expect” to happen. Ask yourself the below questions that helped me out tremendously in my love journey:

QUESTION #1: What kind of environment can love grow in with you? (picture yourself as a place. A garden, a physical space, anything that comes to mind) What is this space like? What’s the climate, what’s the vibe?, what’s the temperature?

* POINT to PONDER on: How we come off is not always aligned with who we THINK we are (and vice versa)

* 1 JOHN 4:18= Perfect LOVE casts out FEAR…fear involves torment…

QUESTION #2: IS FEAR DRIVING YOUR RELATIONSHIP? (or anchoring your actions)?

QUESTION #3: Are there blockages to you receiving the love that you desire?

QUESTION #4: Is there alignment in what you SAY you want, and what you actually do?

QUESTION #5: What kind of environment feels “safest” for you to love within? (the clearer you become about who you are, and what you want, and what you bring….the closer you get to the outcome you desire!)

It all starts with Y-O-U!! Ask yourself…WHAT KIND OF LOVER ARE YOU?


When we open our heart spaces for healing, choose courage and integrity to really face ourselves and be HONEST about where we are….The light always comes on. The truth is always revealed. I was heart broken 10 years ago, and then added insult to injury even worse through the relationship thereafter. I say this not to highlight any one person (I wish them the best and ask God to bless their hearts), but rather to acknowledge that I operated in a space where my heart valve was damaged and ultimately shut off by a self-imposed wall. I was completely devastated and never quite recovered from it…it only got worse. I am grateful to God for leading me to healing, and although it’s been a journey FAR longer than I ever could have expected, I walk in a space of humility and gratitude as I share with others the blessings of revelation that have been brought to me about my healed heart. Many years ago, I took an online course (which I often do to seek as much knowledge and wisdom that my mind can attain), and it was called Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior. I love how Divine Timing works because now over 10 years later…this message found me again. At the time I initially took the course I wasn’t ready for it. I had zero concept of love and the depth and dimensions of it. Check it out the excerpts below:

Taken from the course by Dan Millman on the “Daily OM” website:

“Awakening your heart cannot depend upon changeable feelings. Because mature love does not merely happen to us; it is something we do. Love is not only something we receive, but something we give. And most of all, love is a practice and capacity that matures over time — we grow into passionate, loving beings. Doing so requires the kind of faith founded upon courage. And this capacity is one of the strongest indicators of true spiritual growth.”

(Excerpt 2):

“Love as Courage The path to love is strewn not only with rose petals, but with thorns. By journey’s end you will lose everyone and everything you have ever loved; that is why it takes courage to love anyone in this world. Anais Nin once wrote, “Then the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

It takes courage to persist through the rocky roads of relationship; it takes courage to live and to love. It’s far safer and more comfortable to remain within the armor of solitude. The only price we pay is our humanity.” -Dan Millman, Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior

Transparent “RHEAL TALK” Moment:

I journeyed through love with a wounded heart for many years. My day came when the “risk it took to remain tight in a bud” was more painful than it was to blossom in love. I had no concept of mature love. I had a limited capacity. My heart was never really reawakened. It was protected and shielded from fear of me ever experiencing hurt like I did again. I now see in myself what I’ve carried for THIS long, and I am so grateful for the MANY pieces of revelation that came me as a result of my reaching a point of true humility and surrender. It didn’t come from the easy times, it didn’t come the way I ALWAYS THOUGHT it would.

I believe that a part of my calling is to help others find their own healing. To navigate through their love journey with more ownership and power. TRUST me and HEAR me loud and clear when I say….NOT ALL MARRIAGES MAKE IT (#facts)….and in reality, this season has brought major attacks on a lot of us who are married. HOWEVER the beauty that I can speak to as I share this truth is that with humility miracles can happen. There is healing, growth, change, direction, and reconciliation for those that seek after it. If you ever need assistance in your love journey…reach out to me, and don’t be afraid to #DoYOURWork and #LetItGo. Healing is waiting on you.